U.S. talk show host ELIZABETH HASSELBECK is pregnant with her third child with American football star husband TIM HASSELBECK. The View co-host announced she was again an expecting mum on the morning chat show on Thursday (29Jan09), admitting she was stunned by the news herself.
The 31-year-old was exhausted after months of reporting on the U.S. Presidential election, and suspected a heavy workload was to blame for her fatigue.
She says, "I'm pregnant again! I'm due in August... We were thoroughly happy with the surprise of it. I didn't even know for two months. I was walking around - I thought I had - I kept saying, Electionitis, electionitis.'
"I was tired, I was nauseous, I thought I was worn out from the whole procedure. No. I was knocked up and didnt realise it."
The couple share a three-year-old daughter, Grace, and 14-month-old son, Taylor Thomas.