BACKBEAT star Ian Hart is considering bringing out his own line of hats - because he's always looking for the perfect trilby.
The British actor, who played Professor Quirinus Quirrell in Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone, is rarely seen without his trademark hat - and now he's thinking about turning his fashion statement into a sideline.
He's hoping his potential line of headwear will prompt hat fans to buy better hats.
Hart says, "More people are wearing hats but they're bad hats. I still get the best hats from New York. I went to a hat shop by Madison Square Garden and I walked in and the guy went, 'That hat you're wearing is wrong for you.' I'm like, 'It's just a hat.' He's like, 'No, come here. As I get older, I get shorter and every time I get shorter the brim has to come in a little bit.'
"So he took my hat off and, for five dollars, trimmed the brim of my hat until it was the right size for me, and I've had that look ever since."
Hart admits he's hooked on hats: "I have got a bit of a hat problem. I've got loads of hats in the house and I've been asked to try and find somewhere else to put them! It's like being a woman with tons of shoes.
"I wear a hat in the house and I've been known to sleep in a hat. I've got a sleeping hat that's this soft cotton hat, which is flexible - so it forms to your head, and you can sleep in it."
But the balding actor insists his love for good headwear is a practical one.
He explains to WENN, "I get severe head burn, plus it's always raining in London and I've got nothing to soak up the moisture, so my head just gets wet straight away. A hat covers you from the sun and the rain - and it's fetching!"