LATEST: British TV presenter RICHARD HAMMOND has denied BBC negligence had anything to do with his 300-mile-per-hour (483-kilometre-per-hour) jet car crash last month (20SEP06). Hammond was filming a stunt for the popular motoring programme TOP GEAR when his dragster careered off the track near York, England, leaving him with severe head trauma. The broadcaster came under intense pressure following the accident for failing to carry out full safety procedures, but Hammond has slammed critics who want the show axed for good, insisting they undertook all necessary precautions. He says, "On Top Gear we live in a world where we have to deal with an element of risk. It's our job to minimise it. We're so used to sitting down and deciding how to do things. It doesn't happen without a great deal of work and would never be any other way. "The very fact that I made it, is testimony to the fact that the precautions we ordinarily take are worth taking. I'm living proof that safety works."