Stunning actress HALLE BERRY stunned co-stars on the set of her new movie GOTHIKA when she paid out $8,000 (GBP5,000) on beauty treatments for dozens for extras.

The OSCAR-winning beauty, 36, currently filming the movie in Canada alongside Penelope Cruz and Robert Downey Jr, decided she'd give the females on the set a little treat after a gruelling day in front of cameras.

A lucky extra says, "Halle is one of the nicest people ever. I was in a shower scene with her and Penelope Cruz and about 40 extras. She was as naked as we were, except for the panties she was wearing. It was a very long day of shooting and everyone was tired.

"After we were done she told us, 'It takes special women to do something like this.' Then she gave each of us a gift certificate to the most expensive spa in Montreal for a massage and facial. A facial runs $99 (GBP61) and a massage $80 (GBP50), so for more than 40 of us you're talking about $8,000.

"Everyone was shocked and thankful for the gesture."

But the generosity didn't end there; when Berry had to cancel a shoot at the last minute on another day to leave town, she compensated by renting a local theatre and giving the cast and crew a special screening of her movie X2.

18/07/2003 09:38