Alana Haim refused to dress in an overtly sexy way to help her career.

The 26-year-old Haim star - who is joined in the band by her sisters Danielle and Este - was asked to dress in a school girl outfit by an unnamed music executive in the early days of her career but refused to sacrifice her principles.

She told You magazine: ''When we were first starting out, someone said I should dress like a schoolgirl.

''And I was like: 'That's not going to happen.' We've always had a very strong sense of self.''

The 'Forever' group creatively direct all of their own shows, including the tours, the set lists, songs and lighting, and are proud to take control of everything they do.

Alana said: 'We're the CEOs of our own company.... And it bothers me to even have to say that because so many people think that's not the case.''

Haim have encountered sexism a lot in their careers and previously admitted they find it frustrating when their musical ability is written off just because they are female.

Alana said in a recent interview: ''What was really scary to us was feeling like if we acted a certain way, people would think we didn't play our own instruments.

''I still get so many people asking me, 'So who really writes your songs?'

''A lot of people automatically accept the fact that an all-male band writes their own songs, but when they see an all-woman band, they're like, 'Oh there must be a man behind it, fuelling their fire.' ''