Haim miss performing with their parents.

The 'Forever' group - made up of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim - started out by forming a band called The Mommies and the Daddies with their father, Israeli drummer Mordechai 'Moti' Haim, and mother Donna, a folk singer, and they are grateful to their parents for getting them into ''great'' music.

Danielle, 24, said: ''It was a take on The Mamas & The Papas. And even now, when it's just us three, we still miss playing with mom and dad.''

Este, 27, explained: ''We played together with our parents just for fun. Because there weren't any kids our age that played rock music, we formed a band with mom and dad.

''We were lucky our parents wanted to play rock music and they had such good taste in music, so it worked.

''Everyone else was playing piano and violin, while we were playing guitar, bass and drums. It limited us to who we could play with.

''But then we got older and also realised we actually liked playing with Mom and Dad and each other the most - and we three started writing songs together.

''We didn't plan for them to get noticed, or get a record deal. We were happy in our Los Angeles bubble having fun as a family band.''

While the girl group wish they could team up with their parents again, the trio have set their sights on collaborating with Prince and hope if they keep talking about it, one day it will happen.

Danielle added to The Sun newspaper: ''We've been saying this to as many people as we can.

''In case he gets to hear. And say yes. We've never met him but we are all huge fans. He's at the top of the dream list.''

Este said: ''Meeting Prince would be the one time in my life that I'd be stuck for words.''