Hailey Baldwin couldn't live without lip balm and mascara.

The 21-year-old model is known for her minimal make-up look and she swears by two simple products which she would never leave the house without to achieve her look.

She said: ''If I had to take two things to a desert island, it would for sure be mascara and lip balm, I would die without lip balm.''

And the blonde beauty - who is rumoured to be dating singer Shawn Mendes - doesn't use foundation in the summer to let her skin breathe when it becomes irritated, but likes to prep her skin with a luminous primer before creating a tanned look with a powder bronzer.

Sharing her summer beauty routine for a video on Vogue's YouTube channel, she said: ''I like to start fresh faced and I start with these glow drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm, I get really red because my skin gets really dry especially when it's allergy season. Next I go in with my bronzer because being glowy and being tanned [go hand in hand] so I use this Tom Ford bronzer and I don't like to just put it on my cheekbones but I like to put it over my cheeks because I think It makes you look more tanned and I blend it into the hairline a little bit.

''I think when you're doing a sun kissed glowy kind of thing, if you bring [a blusher] across your nose it makes it look like you actually got caught in the sun when you get that tan that's [all over your face]''

And Hailey always makes sure to protect her skin when travelling in the sun by using a high sun factor daily.

She advised: ''because this is my favourite make-up to wear in the summertime, you have to protect your face so I'm going to put a little bit of SPF setting powder to protect your skin, it's very important.''