Hailey Baldwin has insisted she isn't trying to ''make religion cool''.

The 20-year-old model is one of many celebrity devotees - including Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Cody Simpson - of the Hillsong Church, and has said being open about her faith isn't about making it a fashion trend, but instead lets people know it's ''okay'' to be spiritual.

She said: ''I don't think it's about making religion cool. I think it's about vocalising [that] spirituality is OK. I started going to that church on my own when I was 17 or 16.''

Whilst on a trip to Sydney last year for the worship group's five-day conference, Hailey - who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin - revealed she had the opportunity to meet with Hillsong founder Brian Houston and his wife Bobbie.

She added to Yahoo7 Be: ''I've known them for a while and I wanted to be able to go see Brian and Bobbie who started the church out here.''

It comes after 'Sorry' hitmaker Justin Bieber - who reportedly romanced the blonde beauty last year - recently landed in Australia for this year's conference.

The 23-year-old musician has long been a follower of religion, and it was previously reported that during his 'Purpose' tour, the star had been holding bible studies classes for his crew.

A source claimed in December: ''Backstage on his 'Purpose' tour, Justin has been sitting down with his opening acts and encouraging them to put Christ before everything.

''His aim is to convert the people he loves and warn other stars against the evils of the industry.''

The 'What Do You Mean?' musician reportedly took the step toward religion after he realised he didn't want to ''go off the rails'' like other celebrities before him.

The source added: ''Justin's life changed for the better since he found God and he has been making better decisions now that he has found peace within his faith.

''After seeing so many other celebs go off the rails, he wants to help his friends find the joy and happiness he has.''