WITNESS star Lukas Haas is set to follow his appearance in My Chemical Romance's new video WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE by releasing his first album. The former child star plays a dying hospital patient in the creepy new promo and his video appearance spurred on his bid to become a pop star in his own right. Haas, whose uncles played in German pop group STEINWOLKE, has been writing songs since he was 11. He also performed in a group created by fellow actor Vincent Gallo and contributed songs to Gus Van Sant's Kurt Cobain-inspired 'biopic' LAST DAYS. And now Haas is ready to take his music out of his bedroom studio and perform tracks live for the first time. He tells MTV News, "I've never really played my songs for anyone, so the whole thing is pretty weird for me. But I really, really want to put an album out. I'm focused on doing that more than anything else at the moment." Haas is working with Ima Robot guitarist TIM ANDERSON and producer JOSH ABRAHAM on his debut album and has plans to perform in Los Angeles, beginning with an upcoming residency at trendy venue Hotel Cafe. Meanwhile, Haas plans to put his acting career on hold to concentrate on his music and insists the only role he'll consider is one in another My Chemical Romance video. He adds, "The whole thing was really fun... I got to wear all this face paint. It was kind of like Halloween. "If they need me, I'll do it again."