LATEST: Rockers GUNS N' ROSES have defended their decision to end a Newcastle, England show prematurely after being attacked by bottles on stage. The band called off their gig last Wednesday (19JUL06) after two hours when the audience started jeering and throwing objects, including glass bottles, and injured singer Axl Rose. In a statement, the band claim they were perfectly within their rights to end proceedings, insisting the situation was spiralling dangerously out of control. Rose says, "Getting hit wasn't a big deal. We stopped the song and gave a warning. We came back and started the song over and completed it. We then said goodnight. The house lights went down and I got hit a second time, in the mouth, by a solid object thrown by someone in the audience. "After having warned the crowd that we would leave, and having played more than two hours, we left the stage and called it a night with the full support of everyone in the band, our guests and management. He added that the decision was taken by the whole band: "IZZY (STRADLIN) was the first to immediately support the decision verbally to me personally before I had physically left the stage area. "TOMMY (STINSON-bass) and FRANK (FERRER- drums) came to my dressing room to say how much they appreciated the decision to not continue under those conditions, and express their support for not tolerating anyone throwing items at the stage with a negative intent." Guns N' Roses will play the last four dates of their sold out UK tour this week (begs24JUL06).