LATEST: GUNS N' ROSES' manager has weighed into the spat between the rockers and their support act THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL insisting JESSE HUGHES' group was dumped from the bands' US tour. Roses frontman Axl Rose and Hughes himself seem to have agreed that the Eagles of Death Metal quit the tour after playing just one show last week (24NOV06) following derogatory comments Rose made about them during his set. But now Guns N' Roses manager Merck Mercuriadis insists Hughes didn't quit, he was fired. In an angry statement released yesterday (01DEC06), Mercuriadis reveals, "The Eagles Of Death Metal were asked to leave the tour not only because Guns N' Roses' audience hated them, but because they could not handle the response. "They were supposed to play a 60-minute set but left the stage after 42 minutes due to the hostile reception." The manager's comments come just days after Rose apologised for calling his former support group "the pigeons of s**t metal" and invited them to rejoin the tour.