LATEST: The Italian GUNS N' ROSES fan who threatened to shut down his popular website dedicated to the rock group if their delayed CHINESE DEMOCRACY album didn't hit stores this month (MAR07) has lived up to his word. The fansite posted threats late last year (06) after another delay, but the unnamed fan gave frontman Axl Rose the benefit of the doubt when he released a statement promising fans the album would hit stores this month. A recently announced delay has now sounded the death knoll for, which has closed down in protest. In a statement, the site's administrators write, "The never-ending saga of Chinese Democracy, the lack of respect, clearness and mutual loyalty are just some of the reasons that has brought us down to this painful conclusion. "Until now detractors have always accused us of being 'Axl fanatics' (and to a certain degree, that is probably true), but today we aren't able to sustain Axl's project anymore, neither financially nor economically. We just can't afford to waste our head on a project that has never even taken us into consideration. "We still want to believe in Axl Rose and his record and we greatly wish that Chinese Democracy would see the light of day before February 2008. "If that will be the case we will make our best effort to re-open the site, otherwise our domains will be lost and that will be the end of it."