GRINDHOUSE's twin stars ELISE and ELECTRA AVELLAN are beginning to worry about their fans - because many of them think their guntoting, foul-mouthed characters are for real. The Venezuela-born siblings, who are credited as the Crazy Babysitter Twins in uncle Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, are getting used to their new-found fame - but wish it didn't come with crazy fans. Elise explains, "We get recognised a lot and it's always exciting but fans expect us to be as crazy as our characters in the film. People think we really use machine guns "One fan came up to me at a convention and asked me, 'How do you get away with killing all these people?' I was like, 'It's a character.' He really thought that was how I live my life. "He was persistent and he said, 'Show me your machine gun, I want to see you shoot someone in the room right now.' I said, 'I don't have a machine gun.' He really thought I was this crazy bitch. He thought the movie was real." Meanwhile, sister Electra fled a pharmacy when a fan asked to join her in shooting the "zombies" at the check-out. She recalls, "I just got in the car and left."