BLADE: TRINITY filmmaker DAVID GOYER is steering clear of any Heath Ledger controversy in his new GREEN ARROW movie - his JOKER won't even appear in the film.
Instead, Goyer's colourful villain will simply be referenced on a prison cell door.
The respectful director scrapped any visual reference of the real Joker after Ledger, who plays the bad guy in the new Batman movie The Dark Knight, died from an accidental drugs overdose at the beginning of the year (Jan08).
Goyer tells MTV News, "You don't actually see him, just his name on a cell... That's one cross-pollination we would stay away from."
But the director's Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max will feature at least one classic comic book baddie - Superman's arch-foe Lex Luthor. An unknown will be cast to portray the character who has been played by Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey on the big screen.