Efforts by the Parents Television Council and other religious and family groups to persuade affiliates of the CW to refuse to carry tonight's (Monday) episode of Gossip Girl have apparently fallen on deaf ears. The Los Angeles Times reported today that not a single affiliate has agreed to drop the episode (nor has any advertiser done so) and that in fact the protest by the PTC will likely have the effect of boosting ratings for the show, which has seen a major decline this season. According to the newspaper the protest has drawn more attention than usual to the episode, which has strongly hinted that it will involve a threesome among major characters. "This story is organic to the characters and it's handled in a responsible way," Dawn Ostroff, the CW's entertainment president, told the Times . Executive producer Josh Schwartz promised more controversial material before the end of the season. "We're not going to pull back," he said. "If anything, we'll be accelerating because we've gotten our footing with these characters being out of high school. The PTC may be writing a lot of letters this year."