Troubled Norwegian metal star GAAHL has inspired a new documentary about his turbulent life. The GORGOROTH frontman was only released from prison in December (06) after serving time for assault and threatening to drink his own blood. His band has also attracted controversy in 2004 for featuring crucified naked models, animal blood and pig heads in stage shows. Now acclaimed photographer PETER BESTE wants to document the man behind the scandal in a short movie, and maintains the footage and interviews he's already shot are guaranteed to provide some shocks. He says, "The film is exploring the various sides of Gaahl. Is he a misunderstood genius or is he the monster that the media portrays him as? The answers we present may not be so black and white. People will be surprised. "He's unlike anyone I've ever met. He's smart, funny, strong, insightful, and also has a darker side, as you can imagine.