An ex-mobster whose life story inspired classic gangster movie GOODFELLAS is wanted by police for failing to appear in court on charges of public intoxication.
Henry Hill, 65, faces two $25,000 (£17,000) warrants, stemming from a public drunkenness arrest in May 2008 and another in Los Angeles earlier this year (09).
Hill claims he was unaware he was due to appear at San Bernardino County Court, California on Wednesday (18Mar09) and requested a new hearing date as he was undergoing surgery for a hernia.
He says, "I was hoping the court would understand."
Hill spent almost thirty years as a member of a New York mafia gang but turned informer following his arrest on drug charges in 1980, helping to bring down some of the city's most feared mobsters.
His life story was later used as the main basis for Martin Scorcese's Oscar-nominated Goodfellas.