Former American football star O.J SIMPSON "deserves" to be jailed over an alleged sports memorabilia robbery, according to the father of RON GOLDMAN. In 1995 Simpson was cleared by a criminal court of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Goldman. A civil court later ruled he was responsible for their deaths. Fred Goldman believes a conviction for the alleged robbery would provide his family with justice for the murders. He tells, "(O.J.) should have first and foremost gone to prison for murdering Ron and Nicole. Him going away for these crimes is second best. If he ends up in prison it is exactly where he belongs. Small cell, smaller the better. And, of course, no golfing privileges. "I would like to see him punished to the letter of the law and maximum sentence. Honestly, the best visual was (O.J.) coming into court in a prison uniform and in handcuffs. That is just the way it is supposed to be. I took a certain amount of joy in seeing that." Simpson has been charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and assault charges and was released on $125,000 (GBP62,500) bail until he's arraigned in court in Las Vegas next month (Oct07). He has also surrendered his passport to police. But Goldman hopes the sports star-turned-actor is not given preferential treatment. He adds, "I hope that there is nothing that one could point to and say he is getting any certain special treatment. "He has more than enough money and millions of dollars at his disposal. The fact that he has to turn in his passport is a positive, but this is a bad guy. The sooner he goes to trial the better." Simpson was arrested on Sunday (16Sep07), following an armed raid at the Palace Station Hotel + Casino in Las Vegas.