Kimberely Walsh says her pregnancy has put her former Girls Aloud bandmates off wanting a baby.

The singer - who is the second of the group to become a mother after Nadine Coyle had a daughter in February - is four months pregnant and although Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts were excited for her they'd be happy to ''borrow'' the baby for now.

Asked about whether the girls are broody, she said: ''It kind of puts them off, actually. It did for me when my sister had kids. It made me feel like, I don't really need to have one now because I've got one that I can borrow.

''I think where they're at is that they'd be quite happy to just borrow the baby for now and then give it back.''

Brunette beauty Cheryl was ''emotional'' when she heard the news and had tears of joys for Kimberley and her long-term partner Justin Scott .

She added in an interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Cheryl Cole was definitely the most emotional but I would expect that as she's the most emotional of the girls in generally.

''But she was emotional in a very happy way. She had tears of joy, which was lovely.''