Giovanna Fletcher's new novel 'Some Kind of Wonderful' will be released in November.

The 32-year-old author and television personality - who has three-year-old son Buzz and 17-month-old son Buddy with her husband and McFly member Tom Fletcher - has announced her new book will hit shelves on November 16, and says she's excited about the release of the novel because she can ''relate'' to the central character.

Writing in her blog for Hello! magazine on Monday (07.08.17), she said: ''I've finally been allowed to reveal that my next novel will be published in hardback on the 16th November. It's called SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL and is about a lady who's trying to rediscover who she is after being ditched by the love of her life just as he's about to propose - he's literally waving the ring around in her face as he does it. Eeek... It's been lovely to return to fiction and lose myself in the world of make-believe. Lizzy, my central character, has a brilliant family and best mate. It's always nice when I create characters that I really like and relate to too, as I love hanging out with them every day and don't feel quite so isolated. (sic)''

It's not the only project Giovanna's been sinking her teeth into either, as she's also been working with toy company Fisher-Price to raise awareness of the importance of emotional intelligence within children.

She wrote: ''I've recently been involved with Fisher-Price's Little People's Big Emotions campaign, and took part in an event they were doing in Chelsea. Essentially they're trying to highlight the importance of Emotional Intelligence, and show that it's just as important as IQ. It's something I'd never given much thought on before, but of course a child learning to be kind and show empathy is just as crucial as them learning to count to ten. It was great to talk about the topic with Annie from Netmums and meet some other mums and their babies. (sic)''

And Giovanna insists her time away from writing her blog is purely down to her hectic work schedule, and slammed the idea that she's expecting a third child.

She added: ''There are other projects I've been working on that I'm not allowed to say anything about yet - but more on that very soon. Although, I feel I should point out that I'm not pregnant. It's sad that I even need to state that, but it seems every time a woman declares she's working on something special that's where people's minds go. Not preggers. End of. BUT, I'm hoping you'll love the creative projects I've been working my a**e off for. (sic)''