Veteran disco hitmaker Giorgio Moroder has offered up his first new song in 20 years for free online.

The producer, a regular collaborator of late disco queen Donna Summer, has unveiled the eight-minute tune Giorgio's Theme with fans as the first instalment of the Adult Swim Singles weekly music series, which features on the website for U.S. cable network Adult Swim.

Moroder has also shared his thoughts on the current electronic dance music (Edm) craze, admitting he admires the talent of young producers, but is not such a fan of their lyrics.

He says, "I like the sounds of Edm, the guys create new sounds, beautiful sounds. The melodies, it's a little less.

"I like the kind of melodies I did with Donna Summer, or Flashdance, where you have a verse, a chorus - a song setup. Now it's a little more difficult or different, because it's eight bars of one piece of music, and eight bars of a different one. They're all great, but the connection sometimes is not there."