SIDEWAYS star Paul Giamatti has been left with a mangled finger after breaking the tip while trashing a hotel room.
The actor went wild for a scene in his new movie Barney's Version and was so intent on following direction in the chaotic scene, he didn't even feel the pain - until afterwards.
He tells WENN, "We really only had one take to really trash the whole room. I think they had three cameras going at once. As liberating as it was it was also nerve wracking because I had to get it exactly right so we had to go through it a billion times to know exactly what I was going to trash first and then I had to remember the whole trashing choreography.
"I destroyed everything in the room and it was incredibly liberating because I got to smash everything! I actually broke the tip of my finger and it never really healed correctly, so I have this strange broken finger now.
"I didn't even realise I broke my finger while we were doing the scene - because I was so violently into it. It was fun."