GHOSTBUSTERS 3, the highly anticipated new movie in the supernatural-comedy franchise, could finally come to fruition after a finished script was sent to Bill Murray for his approval, reports the Uk's Metro newspaper. Whether or not the movie will be made is said to hinge on the 60-year-old agreeing to reprise his role as 'Peter Venkman'.
Since 1989's 'Ghostbusters II', Murray has gone onto become one of Hollywood's most sought after actors and his recent performances in the likes of 'Lost in Translation', 'Broken Flowers' and 'Get Low' have been heralded by critics. Other actors from the original 'Ghostbusters' cast such as Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis have also tasted moderate success, but Murray's appearance is said to be integral for the new movie to get the go-ahead. However, it has been reported today (12th January 2011) that the film's prospective director Ivan Reitman has sent a 'very good' script to Murray and is waiting for his feedback. The filmmaker added, "It's good enough to do, to take the risk of doing it again", and confirmed that all of the stars from the first two movies have been written into the third.
Back in March 2010 during an interview on 'The Late Show with David Letterman, Murray spoke about his return to Ghostbusters III, saying, "I'd do it only if my character was killed off in the first reel".