German rockers Rage are down to just one member following the departure of guitarist Victor Smolski and drummer Andre Hilgers.

Frontman Peavy Wagner is now the only remaining member of the heavy mental band, which has survived more than 10 line-up shuffles since shooting to fame in the 1980s.

In a statement, the group says, "After thinking it over carefully, Peavy and Victor decided to stop working together in the future. This is due to musical and personal changes. We have developed in different directions in the last years... We will also part from drummer Andre Hilgers. The last 15 years were blessed with many highlights and great releases but this era is over now."

Smolski adds, "Dear friends, after 15 fantastic years, 10 records and countless live shows with Rage, I have decided to focus myself on other musical challenges. I really want to thank all Rage fans, who supported me all those years."

Wagner is the only original member to have stayed with the group since its formation in 1984.