German authorities have arrested and charged 10 people in connection to a stampede at the 2010 Love Parade music festival, which left 21 people dead.

The revellers attending the techno gig in Duisburg on 24 July, 2010 were crushed to death in an underpass between an overcrowded site and an alternative venue, while 652 others were injured.

The incident hit headlines around the world and even prompted the then-head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict Xvi, to express his sorrow over the tragedy.

Now German police have taken four members of festival staff from organisers Lopavent into custody, in addition to six city workers, and charged them each with involuntary manslaughter and bodily injury caused by negligence.

They claim the event was only set up for 250,000 people but ended up with almost double that in attendance.

A statement released by city prosecutor Michael Schwarz reads: "The fatal outcome of the Love Parade is solely due to two causes: fatal errors with the planning and approval of the event as well as a lack of monitoring safety-relevant requirements on the day of the event."

The Love Parade, which was founded in 1989 by DJ Matthias Roeingh, was cancelled for good in the wake of the tragedy.