Georgia Kousoulou unveiled her hair extension range 'My Mane by Georgia K' on Tuesday (28.06.16).

'The Only Way is Essex' star has followed up the release of her swimwear line 'Summer Dreams by Georgia K' with the locks accessory and loved selecting the tones and colours because she wanted to make sure it catered for all women.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: ''I teamed up with Wonderful Hair ... and obviously they're the experts and it's always been something I've wanted to do. There are thirteen different hair colours which is crazy, I didn't even know that many hair colours existed to be honest.

''There are different types and tones, I used to think there was one blonde, one brunette and then a red but there are so many tones (in-between), we've made it so that everyone can have it. It's not just the standard colours because no one's hair is just one colour.''

The blonde beauty - who has appeared on 'TOWIE' since series 11 - keeps her luscious mane in good shape by making sure it doesn't get matted when she sleeps, because she tosses and turns in the night.

She revealed: ''I always sleep with my hair up like extensions always; I always brush it then tie it in a little bun just because I move around so much at night. I literally could wake up on the other side of the bed so I don't want my hair to get matted. But you've got to look after them so I always say brush them.''

But Georgia admitted it can be difficult finding the right shampoo to go with hair extensions, so she created one.

She added: ''I hate getting my hair extensions done and then can't use normal shampoo so it's all that stress of trying to find a shampoo but we supply that as well so it's really good. You just have to look after them; it's about using the best things.''

The Georgia Kousoulou hair extension classic range by My Mane London is available now at www.