Georgia Fowler insists the most important thing to remember when you walk at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is to ''be yourself on stage''.

The 26-year-old model always reminds herself to enjoy the strut up the runway and not get preoccupied with interacting with the audience.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, she said: ''I think the most important thing to do is be yourself on stage and do what comes naturally. It's not about everyone getting to the runway and blowing a kiss, but more about engaging the audience along the journey there and having fun!''

The brunette beauty also shared her fitness regime in the weeks leading up to the illustrious event and admitted that she ''loves working out'' and definitely intensifies her routine as the show approaches.

She said: ''It's important for my job to be strong and healthy year round, and I love working out, but I definitely intensify my regime in the lead-up.

''I'm an absolute perfectionist and love a challenge, so in the lead-up to the show there's no excuses.

''I love to make training fun, so my trainer does a lot of athletic drills with me to keep me motivated.''

The New Zealand-born model loves training and often sets herself personal fitness goals - however, she admits that balance is key in a healthy lifestyle and loves to unwind by having dinner and watching a movie with friends.

She said: ''The most grounding thing for me to do to unwind is have my friends over for a healthy meal and movie. On top of that, I try to sleep as much as possible when my schedule permits.''