Georgia Fowler has likened Victoria's Secret models to ''finely tuned athletes''.

The 25-year-old model hit the runway for the lingerie giant's annual fashion show, which took place in Shanghai, China, last month, and the star has hailed the females who graced the runway in skimpy underwear sets alongside her as hardworking individuals who have trained themselves to ''look strong'' ahead of the major event.

She said: ''I think what people need to bear in mind is that they are finely tuned athletes and we've worked hard to look strong.

''A lot of the models are really strong and we work hard at our bodies. It's not like they're just putting skinny bodies in the show.

''It's part of our job. It's not for everyone, but it's also not everyone's job to walk on the catwalk in their underwear.''

And Georgia has hinted the pressure on the models and Victoria's Secret Angel to look good on the runway encourages them to work hard because they want to make sure they are in their ''best shape''.

She said: ''You know you're going to be watched by millions so you want to be in your best shape.''

Prior to the fashion extravaganza Georgia cut sugar, fruit and carbohydrates out of her diet for one month, which she found difficult because she ''loves'' fruit.

Speaking about her eating plan to, she said: ''That cuts you down and helps to cut your water weight at the same time. I love fruit, so I did miss not having it, but you get into a routine and it's too bad. It's not like I ate junk food beforehand.''