Ed Sheeran's rival Georgia Box wants to break female stereotypes with her music.

The 23-year-old YouTube star became popular by re-writing versions of hit songs such as Shaggy's 'It Wasn't Me' - which has been streamed over 30 million times to date - from a female's perspective.

Georgia's new single 'I Don't Want You Anymore' aims to empower women after her own break-up experience left her inspired to help others in the same situation.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, the young star - who found herself in a chart battle with the 'Shape of You' hitmaker when her album 'Love Languages' sat in third place in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart last year -explained: ''I feel like there's a certain stereotype around women after break-up's that we fall apart and our whole world ends, but I don't think people always see the side to us where actually we are strong, we are independent, and the world's at a place now where women and men are totally equal so I just think it is important that males and females shouldn't have to conform to typical stereotypes, we can be who we want to be.

''My new song is all about being strong and girl power, with our girls by our sides we can get through things.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, she said: ''There was a boy I was going out with and it hadn't been long, about a month, and then he left me and the next week he was with someone else. But then he wouldn't stop calling me to check up on me and to see if I was OK and the song was really inspired by the fact, I wasn't really that bothered. He had a view that I was crying over him and being really upset about losing him but actually it was totally different, I was fine and I moved on.

''It inspired me to write this song to help people going though [a break up] and show them there is a light at the end of the tunnel.''

Georgia Box's 'I Don't Want You Anymore' is available to stream now on iTunes and Spotify and the music video is on YouTube: https://youtu.be/YZk9Jf-5bws