LIVE 8 organiser SIR BOB GELDOF stopped Britain's Glastonbury Festival yesterday (25JUN05) while 110,000 revellers joined hands to support the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campaign.

All performances stopped shortly after 4pm (BST) - the middle point of the event - so artists and musicians could take part in the exercise, a week ahead of the London charity extravaganza, and the G8 summit in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Geldof will also speak from the festival's main stage, encouraging music fans to join demonstrators at the G8 meeting.

Glastonbury organiser MICHAEL EAVIS said the gesture would make a "serious impact" on the campaign to raise awareness of poverty in Africa.

Eavis revealed the stunt will be filmed from the air, to "show people around the world people at Glastonbury are concerned about the issue".

Coldplay, THE White Stripes, Brian Wilson and New Order are among the acts performing at the weekend-long festival, which is celebrating its 35th year.

Glastonbury was almost washed away when heavy storms hit the southwest of England on Friday (24JUN05) morning, flooding its Somerset sight.

But the seminal event ended early for a number of revellers, who were forced to go home before it had properly begun after their tents and clothes were washed away by running water caused by eight hours of torrential rain.

There was further chaos on Friday when one of the stages was struck by lightning - forcing a number of gigs to be cancelled.

By yesterday the storm had passed, the weather cleared, and the rest of the festival is going ahead as planned.

26/06/2005 10:47