America's first openly gay soccer star Robbie Rogers has urged American sports officials not to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia because of the country's strict anti-homosexual rules and regulations.

Celebrities and sports stars across America are urging Olympics bosses to pull out of the Games next year as a protest against Russia's anti-tolerance laws towards gays and lesbians, but L.A. Galaxy player Rogers, who came out earlier this year (13), insists that would be a bad idea.

He says, "I don't think we should boycott. I went to the Beijing Olympics (in China) and it was the best experience of my life and to take that away from someone, I just don't feel comfortable doing.

"I would encourage people to go, to be out, to be great role models, to compete and hopefully to win, and not to hide any of that. I think that would be a bigger and more important symbol or just a stronger message."