The favourite pin-up to claim soft porn magazine PLAYGIRL's Man of The Year honours in January (05) isn't just the publication's oldest cover model - he's gay.

RICK DINIHANIAN (corr) wowed lusty ladies in June's (04) issue of the magazine by posing naked, and now the 55-year-old Oregon model is on course to become the latest top man.

To add to Dinihanian's amazing story, he was an out-of-shape ad designer just two years ago (02) when he decided to get fit as part of a New Year's resolution - and quickly became a stud.

The model's spokesman CHRIS MERCER says, "He's an inspiration to us all - he's gay and is in a committed relationship, he's successful and he looks great. It makes me want to hit the gym more.

"He never made a secret of his sexuality to Playgirl and I applaud them for not letting that get in the way of a good spread. He has become very popular."

Dinihanian has landed a health and fitness show on PLAYGIRL TV as a result of his nude spread.

16/12/2004 05:48