Gary Dauberman is set to write and direct the third instalment of the 'Annabelle' franchise.

The American moviemaker - who wrote 2017's 'Annabelle: Creation' - has been invited to return to the horror series, with the eagerly awaited untitled project set to mark his directorial debut.

The original 'Annabelle' was a spin-off of 'The Conjuring', but it has since emerged as a hugely profitable standalone franchise.

The most recent movie in the series was 'Annabelle: Creation' - which was directed by David F. Sandberg - but Dauberman is now poised to be handed even more responsibility, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although details of the new movie are once again being kept a secret, it will still centre on a doll that is possessed by an evil force.

Meanwhile, Dauberman - who also co-wrote 'It' in 2017 - previously revealed the keys to the success of 'Annabelle'.

The acclaimed filmmaker explained he doesn't want to rely on the iconic, terrifying doll too much in his movies.

He explained: ''You try not to use her too much as a crutch. Less is more is the strategy.''

Dauberman revealed he tries to use Annabelle sparingly, suggesting it creates a more dramatic impact.

He shared: ''It's amazing how you can cut away from her sitting in a chair and you get this reaction from the audience. It's the power of Annabelle ... she's a great exclamation point to a lot of scenes.''