Garry Kief has broken his silence for the first time since it emerged he had married Barry Manilow.

The long-time manager of the 'Copacabana' hitmaker took to Twitter for the first time since it was revealed he had tied the knot with Barry in a ''secret'' ceremony last year.

He wrote: '' how was YOUR day? (sic)''

The pair were said to have wed in April last year, with the news only emerging just now, and it came as a ''total surprise'' to even the wedding guests who didn't know what they were coming to celebrate.

Of the wedding, a source said: ''It was a total surprise. When they arrived they were told it was a wedding!

''Barry has lived a very secretive life and the wedding was no different! Barry and Garry did not tell friends or family that the occasion was their wedding.

''It was a beautiful wedding and consummated their lifelong love affair.''

The pair - who have supposedly been together for 30 years - had their ''commitment ceremony'' performed by Barry's long-term assistant Marc Hulett, who registered to be a minister online, and their best man was friend Suzanne Somers.

The couple are believed to have not filed paperwork to formalise their marriage because the 71-year-old star was nervous about how fans would react to his sexuality.

The source added: ''Barry is paranoid that his fans would not approve of him being gay, when in reality, many have suspected it for years - and most wouldn't care. They would be happy for him!''