Tragic British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES has become a leading character in a spin-off X-Men comic book - to the fury of Buckingham Palace.

X-STATIX carries on from the hit X-Men series, and features the late Princess returning from the dead and being the subject of a rescue mission by MARVEL comic favourites - including Spider-Man.

Editor-in-Chief JOE QUESADA explains, "Princess Diana is a mutant. Like every good superhero, she's coming back from the dead. She's going to join one of the X-Men teams. If comics are anything, we're subversive. This is a really wonderful story."

But a royal spokesperson blasted the idea, saying, "This is utterly appalling. It appears to be just a cheap attempt to cash in on Diana's fame and the tragic circumstances surrounding her death."

Diana, Princess of Wales and her lover DODI AL-FAYED were killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

24/06/2003 13:38