The woman who last saw actor ANDREW KOENIG before he was reported missing fears the star may have "taken his own life".
Police have launched an investigation into the disappearance of the star, the son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, after he missed a flight home from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles on 16 February (10).
Local cops in Vancouver have been combing the area for the 42 year old and handing out a picture of Koenig, who starred in the 1980s TV sitcom Growing Pains.
But burlesque artist Jenny Magenta, who Koenig had been staying with in Vancouver, is terrified her friend may have done something to harm himself.
She tells Us magazine, "There's a small part of me that feels he just decided he wanted to live in the bushes or the mountains and not deal with people anymore. But there are a lot of classic signs - things that he has done in the past couple months - that point to the possibility that he's taken his own life. As a friend, I don't know if he was ever diagnosed with depression, but I do know his father was concerned when he left Los Angeles. He didn't seem quite right."
Koenig's parents have since released a tearful televised plea begging for their son to get in touch.
No activity has been shown on his bank card or his cell phone since he disappeared.
And Magenta, who has known the actor for more than 20 years, is desperate for her pal to let her know he is still alive: "If Andrew is alive and distressed somewhere, it's important that this information that's out there is not sensationalised. We want him to know we're here for him. We're not going to judge him. I'm not going to be mad if he phones me from wherever... I'm going to be overjoyed, and I'm going to do whatever I can to help him."