"Timing" has been blamed for the collapse of a GREASE follow-up which would have seen stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John reunite in a Seventies-set sequel. Didi Conn, who played beauty school drop-out FRENCHY in the hit musical, insists the project was "all planned" and would have revisited the high school characters later on in life. But despite having leads Travolta and Newton-John on board, the movie was shelved when the stars agreed it would be stupid to revisit their all-singing, all-dancing roles. Conn says, "It was all about timing. "You get to a stage where you realise you should leave it alone." But she reveals of the projected plot: "DANNY (Travolta) was a racing driver and still married to SANDY (Newton-John), who was a singer. RIZZO (Stockard Channing) and KENICKIE (JEFF CONOWAY) were divorced and had a gay son. And Frenchy was a dog groomer."