Pop beauty FRANKEE has slammed singer Eamon's claim he is not her ex-boyfriend and that her revenge song is just a publicity stunt.

Eamon has attempted to distance himself from Frankee's number one follow up F**K U RIGHT BACK - claiming their record company hired her to pretend to be his former lover.

But 20-year-old Frankee insists he is just embarrassed by her claims he had venereal diseases and was sexually inept.

The Sicilian-American beauty says, "He just wants to kill the controversy and kill my record. He feels that I'm taking something away from him. My record has helped his stay in the charts longer.

"I guess Eamon has to deny he knows me. After all, the song is derogatory towards him and he doesn't want people thinking he was bad in bed and had crabs."

08/06/2004 21:05