GIRLS GONE WILD creator JOE FRANCIS and colleagues are being sued for alleged sexual harassment by a former employee, according to reports. Tranae Hammond is accusing Francis and employees at his Mantra Films company of sexual harassment and sexual battery. In court papers filed in Los Angeles Hammond complains of touching and massaging of her shoulders and arms and frequent conversations about sex in front of her. She also claims an employee, named only as Ron, allegedly "tapped (Hammond's) buttocks with a clipboard" reports Hammond alleges that once she made claims of sexual harassment she was subjected to a "hostile environment" and her contract was terminated. Francis is not accused of any direct sexual harassment, but he "improperly managed, controlled and dominated Mantra Films, Inc. and Girls Gone Wild as his alter ego, agent and instrumentality." The suit also makes class action claims of failure to pay overtime, failure to provide required meal and rest periods and failure to maintain required records. A representative for Frances is yet to comment on the case.