Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani thinks people working in fashion make it ''ridiculous''.

The Italian fashion mogul - who is currently celebrating her 25th year as editor of the prestigious magazine - doesn't agree with fashion industry insiders who seek notoriety by dressing flamboyantly at runway shows, insisting they ''are not celebrities''.

She explained to The Telegraph newspaper: ''It's not that fashion itself is ridiculous. It's the people in fashion who make fashion ridiculous.

''When you look at the front row... only at the shows you see those people. When [other] women go out and enjoy their life they want to be beautiful, they don't want to be ridiculous.

''We are not celebrities. We are people who work as a messenger, to fashion and readers.''

Meanwhile, the 63-year-old journalist thinks disgraced Dior designer John Galliano - who was banished from the fashion world after making anti-Semitic comments in a drunken tirade in 2010 - deserves a second chance in the industry.

Franca was one of the few people in fashion to stand by John at the time and supports his recent comeback.

She said: ''I think he paid a very high price. So, I'm a supporter, honestly. Because I think all of us have to have a second possibility in life.

''Of course he said something awful, something that is not forgiveable, but at the same time we cannot kill him.''