Oscar-winner JAMIE FOXX still feels the pain of being abandoned by his parents when he was a baby - and his own enjoyable experience of fatherhood has made their decision even more baffling.

The RAY actor was taken in by the elderly couple who were also the adopted parents of his mother, and he is grateful for the love they gave him.

But he still struggles to understand why his parents didn't want to raise him themselves, especially since feeling the joy being a father to his 11-year-old daughter CORINNE brings him.

The 37-year-old says, "Although it's too late now, I still ask myself why they didn't want me. Maybe they weren't ready to raise a child. Was it too inconvenient? I lived just up the street from them.

"I'll never understand it because I know how it feels to have a child love you back. I realise the effort you have to make.

"Raising a child ain't going to be easy, but if I was to lose the relationship with my daughter, it would be really destructive for me."