Fox TV is taking another legal stab at having Dish network's Hopper DVR declared a bootleg device. On Thursday it amended its lawsuit to include Dish's Hopper with Sling, which it also calls Dish Anywhere, which gives users the ability to watch programs that they have recorded without commercials on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Fox is again seeking an injunction to prevent further distribution of the devices. Paying Dish for a satellite television subscription does not buy anyone the right to receive Fox's live broadcast signal over the Internet or to make copies of Fox programs to watch 'on the go,' because Dish does not have the right to offer these services to its subscribers in the first place, Fox said in its court filing. A hearing on Fox's request for an injunction has been set for March 22. Last November, the court rejected a similar effort by Fox to block the ad-skipping DVR. Fox is now appealing that ruling.