Even Fox News Channel itself is not likely to boast that its coverage of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speech to the U.N. last week was entirely "fair and balanced." The TVNewser website today (Friday) cited a number of questions posed by the cable news network on the lower-third of its screen following the address. They included: 7:16pm: "Pres Chavez: Narcissistic personality disorder?"; 10:54am: "How dare Hugo Chavez blast the United States?"; 11:02am: "Should we stop buying Chavez's gas from [Venezuela-owned] Citgo stations?"; 11:59am: "Chavez insults U.S.: Where is the outrage?"; 12:29pm: "Should U.S. continue to fund U.N. after applause for Chavez?"; 12:54pm: "Will leaders pay the price for supporting Chavez?"; 1:26pm: "Is President Chavez becoming a threat to U.S. national security?"; 4:06pm: "Taking cheap oil from Hugo Chavez: Act of treason?"; 5:34pm: "NY audience gives Chavez standing ovation... Why?" Also, the comment: "U.S. giving U.N. $5 mil a day to get insulted."