The former Peanuts star, who was the original voice of Charlie Brown on TV, stands accused of breaking the terms of his probation from a harassment case in 2013, when he was convicted of threatening an ex-girlfriend and her cosmetic surgeon.

He was sentenced to a year behind bars, but was subsequently released to a rehab centre, where he carried out the rest of his punishment while receiving professional help for alcoholism and an addiction to prescription medication.

Robbins has since been accused of violating his probation by drinking booze and cutting off his ankle monitor, and he was due to be sentenced to jail in a San Diego court on Friday.

However, the actor lost his cool and demanded his guilty plea be withdrawn as he took aim at his ex, screaming, "She has to believe that I would kill her. I wouldn't kill her! I have never had any violent behavior!"

Robbins also ranted at the prosecutors and his own public defender, before turning on Judge Robert O'Neil, shouting, "Good luck to you! I hope you drop dead of a heart attack."

Judge O'Neil postponed sentencing and granted the defence lawyer's request for the 58 year old to be examined by medical professionals.