Reclusive child star TAMI STRONACH is preparing to return to acting - 21 years after she became an overnight sensation in box-office smash NEVER ENDING STORY.

The Iran-born actress was just 12 when her only movie was released and turned down subsequent roles so she could concentrate on a career as a dancer.

Now, after years of acclaim in the dance world, Stronach, now 34, is planning a return to acting.

She tells movie website MOVIEHOLE.NET, "My parents were very concerned about the impact of all this on a child growing up. They are archaeologists and the opposite of stage parents.

"When the film (Never Ending Story) ended I was encouraged to concentrate on dance. I went to a dance conservatory and have been dancing professionally in New York for 10 years. I am glad I danced through my 20s because that is the time to do that.

"About three years ago I started acting again with a physical theatre company. So I have returned to doing some acting and it has been really fun."

06/05/2005 19:15