The male director of classic movie Footloose had to convince a female executive that their proposed leading man Kevin Bacon was sexy enough to play rebel Ren MCCormack in the 1984 film.

The actor has revealed Herbert Ross was a big fan and felt sure his movie would look great with Bacon as the lead, but a female studio boss at Paramount was far from convinced that the star was hot enough.

Bacon explains, "The producer of the movie wanted me and the director of the movie wanted me but the head of the studio at the time literally said to them, 'I don't want that kid, he's not f**kable...' I was about 24 at the time and I was pretty sure I was f**kable...

"They put together a screen test, which I recently saw because it's on, like, the Dvd... Someone literally dug it out of the Paramount archives and put it on the Dvd extras... It's me trying to look, whatever.

"They put different outfits on me... and it worked. She (executive) looked at the screen test and she said, 'Ok, you can cast him'."