Hollywood actress JANE FONDA struggled with bulimia for 35 years in a quest to attain physical perfection.

The 67-year-old double-OSCAR winner has told an audience for Montana State University's Girls for a Change Conference on Saturday (12FEB05) of her life-long battle against a negative body image.

Fonda says, "The reason I've been excited about coming here is because I believe if we're going to solve the problems confronting the world on every level, it's going to have to be the girls who do it.

"I was bulimic for 35 years. I mistook the physical hunger for spiritual hunger. I knew intuitively that to be loved, I have to be perfect."

Fonda explained how her feelings of inadequacy stemmed from her adolescence, when she first started to become aware of her body.

She adds, "That leaves a dark hole in the centre of ourselves."

14/02/2005 17:43