British TV presenter BEN FOGLE is on the road to recovery after beating a potentially fatal flesh-eating disease contracted while filming in Peru.
The 34-year-old developed a large, gaping hole in his right arm following his return from shooting BBC adventure programme Extreme Dreams in the Peruvian jungle in October (08).
He was treated for the wound, believed to have been caused by the often life-threatening condition leishmaniasis, at London's Hospital of Tropical Diseases.
Fogle was put on a high-strength course of antibiotics and has now overcome the illness.
He says, "It is an enormous relief. It has been a very difficult time, not only because of the worry of the illness, but also the debilitating effects of the treatment. The effects of the treatment have caused my deteriorating health, including vomiting, muscle seizures and mild pneumonia, but now that the treatment has stopped, the effects will subside - I hope quite quickly.
"I have to wait and see, but my aim now is to regain my fitness as quickly as is humanly possible with the guidance of the doctors. It has been a very unpleasant experience and my grateful thanks go to the professionals and nurses at the School of Tropical Diseases and the University College Hospital for their brilliant care."
Fogle shot to fame in 2000 after taking part in BBC reality show Castaway and has since forged a successful career as a TV presenter.