U.S. punk act The Story So Far had to abandon a show in Southampton, England on Tuesday night (08Oct13) over safety fears.

The bandmates had just started their second song at the Roxx venue when security staff halted the gig and evacuated the place amid fears the floor was caving in.

Show promoter Richard Peek explains, "They (venue bosses) told us they'd seen movement before, but had never seen anything like this. It was a direct result of so many of the crowd jumping in unison. The band members told us they felt the stage shift under the weight of the audience, and some of the audience members themselves told us they could feel a big depression in the floor."

The Story So Far continued the show at the nearby Unit, but due to the new venue's age limit policy, fans under 18 were not allowed in.

The band has offered everyone who attended the Roxx show free entry to its concert in nearby Kingston, Surrey on Wednesday night (09Oct13).