THE PRODIGY singer KEITH FLINT resents the success of hit song FIRESTARTER - because it turned him into a bona fide celebrity.

Keith says that, as a result of the 1997 hit, people constantly approach him in the street, something that was never part of the band's gameplan.

He says, "If another c**t calls me 'The Firestarter' I'll stab him in the f***ing throat.

"For me, all that 'Firestarter' business is gone, and that's a 100 per cent relief. Only now am I coming to terms with what that was, and I was so against what it was because I hadn't gone out to create it."

Keith's side-project rock band, FLINT, release their new single, AIM 4, on 14 July (03).

10/06/2003 20:53